Humanity Auxilium continues to help people around the world. Some of our quick facts are as indicated to the right.

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Fozia Alvi MD.

Founder and CEO

"You need to do what you can and live with your actions later on, donate, write to an MP, or even simply tell a friend or family member. Best case scenario, you’ll have played a small role in mitigating a genocide. Worst case, you’ll have fulfilled a commitment to your fellow human beings."



Invigorating communities and children to help them explore their identities, express their ideas so they become empowered to create a long-lasting change that could change their and others lives.


Serving people to provide care at the time of medical need and dealing with poverty-related issues like malnutrition, increasing overall health, and productivity of impoverished communities.


Addressing the immediate and long-term needs of communities all around the globe through partner organizations and local communities. Our goal is to strengthen these communities and permit self-sufficiency.


Alberta-based doctor and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Fozia Alvi is providing virtual support from afar

Doctor fears for Rohingya refugees as COVID-19 and a cyclone bear down on Bangladesh camps   Dr. Fozia Alvi frequently travels from Airdrie, Alta., to Bangladesh, where her foundation Humanity Auxilium sends teams of doctors every other month to provide medical relief to some of the one million Rohingya refugees living there. This week, the pandemic forced her […]


You can take action right now to help save countless lives! The Rohingya living in Bangladesh’s refugee camps desperately need our aid as the COVID-19 crisis worsens around the world. The camps are far more vulnerable than other places that have been hard-hit by COVID-19 due to the lack of basic necessities, medical aid, and […]

The Girl in the Red Dress

I will forever be haunted by the story of the girl in the red dress. I sat in a Rohingya refugee tent in Myanmar, listening to horrific stories of murder, arson and rape. One woman was telling me how her baby was snatched from her arms and thrown into the burning remains of their home. […]

Yunus got his UNCHR Card!

I want to share my happiness. Today is such a great day for me, as I just got a call from Bangladesh. Today I got news from Yunus, that one boy that I was struggling so hard this past year to get to university in Bangladesh. That one boy, Yunus, got his UNCHR (United Nations […]

The forgotten Rohingya

AIDS & Community Health Walk

I am delighted and honored to be participating in this year's Rotary District 7070 AIDS & Community Health Walk which is going on till July 29th, 2020. We are raising awareness and supporting APAA (Africans in Partnership Against AIDS). Please sign up for a fun virtual walk and or donate at rotaryaidswalk.ca #RotaryResponds, #Rotary


Join us in this war with COVID-19

Thousands of people have been effected by this virus which is spreading exponentially we need to join hands and work together to get rid of this pandemic.


Thousands of kashmiri students have been stranded outside of kashmir! Completely cut off from their families from any contact or financial aid.

For a measly amount of a 100$ you can help save these helpless soul's future