Our organization works to improve living conditions in 3 fields – Education, Health, and Relief.
·      Education: Invigorating communities and children to help them explore their identities, express their ideas so they become empowered to create a long-lasting change that could change their and others lives.
·      Health: Serving people to provide care at the time of medical need and dealing with poverty-related issues like malnutrition, increasing overall health, and productivity of impoverished communities.
·      Relief: Addressing the immediate and long-term needs of communities all around the globe through partner organizations and local communities. Our goal is to strengthen these communities and permit self-sufficiency.

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A unique idea of motivating the youth to help needy children around the world to create a motivation of volunteerism at early stage. The Pen and Paper Foundation is an initiative to involve youth in relief activities and volunteerism. The Pen and Paper foundation has successfully run projects in Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh with the help of local and international partners.

Humanity Auxilium is working in medical relief in a very specific areas. We have completed one maternity hospital in rural Pakistan to provide better and round the clock accessible medical health care facility for people, where women and children are given rapid medical response and treatment.
Recently worked with international partners to find out the medical needs of Rohingya refugees in their camps in Bangladesh and Myanmar.