Dr. Fozia Alvi MD.

Board Chair & Founder

 Nobel Prize Nominee (2019)

CAMSS Advocacy Award (2019)

Paul Harris Fellow

Dr. Fozia Alvi grew up in Pakistan and is an American trained physician who has been working in Calgary, Alberta, for the past 13 years. She and her husband Tahir Alvi were always passionate humanitarians and had organized health and education-related projects in developing nations, including opening a charity-based maternity hospital in rural Pakistan. 

Fozia earned her medical degree from Pakistan from one of the most prestigious medical schools in Asia. Fozia did her family practice residency training from Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin and worked in rural Wisconsin before moving to Calgary in 2007. Since then, she has been working in Airdrie for the past eleven years. Fozia has dedicated much of her medical career to helping women and marginalized patients. 

Fozia is passionate about advocating for programs that are crucial to patient’s health care. Fozia has been working in small rural communities weekly for the past few years. It’s a unique community of elderly people who do not drive.  These communities are very vulnerable, and there are no physicians willing to travel to see those elderly patients. 

During a medical mission to help Bangladesh refugee camps in 2017, she was moved by the plight of Rohingya and has since been an advocate for them. She has spoken at various international levels about this genocide and is also involved in advocacy for the Uyghurs of China and putting a stop to illegal organ harvesting. Many countries have covered the story of her medical mission in their news. As well, Fozia has also had the privilege to be invited to the UN General Assembly opening dinner to talk about Refugees health and their solution.