The mission of Humanity Auxilium is to help improve the living conditions of impoverished groups of people by focusing on their short and long term needs. It is specifically designed to provide education, health, and humanitarian relief to those who are lacking these essential necessities. The vision of this organization is to take action that has a positive impact on creating long-lasting change that gives people a chance at a brighter future. We empower individuals, namely doctors and others in the health and education field, to take action that improves the living conditions of people’s lives, especially those who have been negatively impacted by poverty and/or political unrest. The focus of our organization is three-fold including education, health, and humanitarian aid.




Our organization works to improve living conditions in 3 fields – Education, Health, and Relief.



Humanity Auxilium looks to invigorate communities and children by helping them explore their identities and expressing their ideas so they become empowered to create a long-lasting change that could change their and others lives. Humanity Auxilium established the Pen & Paper Foundation, where local students remotely teach other students in refugee camps. The foundation also works on developing curriculum as well as sends school supplies. The Pen and Paper Foundation has successfully run projects in Kenya, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with the help of local and international partners.



Humanity Auxilium serves people by providing care at the time of medical need and dealing with poverty-related issues like malnutrition, increasing overall health, and productivity of impoverished communities. Our organization has helped open Iman Hospital, a 60-bed hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit in rural Talagang, Pakistan in December 2017. The hospital focuses on maternity care in order to deliver better and consistent access to medical healthcare for women and children.



Humanity Auxilium aims to address the immediate and long-term needs of communities all around the globe through partner organizations and local communities. Our goal is to strengthen these communities and permit self-sufficiency. Our organization works with international partners to find out about the medical needs of groups of people suffering and has supported several humanitarian efforts: 

  • Connecting doctors with local NGOs to provide health consultations to minimize health risks in refugee camps
  • Donating food baskets to Rohingya refugees during Ramadan
  • Supporting Syrian orphans in Turkey with food packages and personal protective equipment to minimize the spread of COVID-19
  • Supporting the Uighur population living in Turkey with food and hygiene supplies.