Changing lives one gift at a time

This holiday season, you can contribute to a specific gift to improve the lives of refugee families and children in a big way. Each gift on our Humanity Auxilium wishlist is to address a need of vulnerable refugees in some of the world’s largest refugee camps. 

This year has been a great challenge for the world due to the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and many vulnerable families and children have suffered a much greater impact. Our wishlist aims to put specific items into the hands of medical professionals and those working on the ground in these camps to help improve quality of life and care. 

Your donation to a gift today can change the lives of refugees tomorrow.


Stethoscope (Two units)

660BDT – $20 USD


Digital thermometer

1000BDT- $12 USD


N 95 mask (20 masks)

350BDT- $10 USD


Surgical mask (400 masks) 

250BDT – $12 USD


Oxygen Cylinder standard size

18000BDT – $212 USD

Central line for Oxygen supply for 20 beds

Central line for Oxygen supply for 20 beds

1500000BDT- $17,685 USD

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

2000BDT – $24 USD

Bloodpressuremachine (1)

Digital Blood pressure machine

1200BDT – $15 USD