Humanity Auxilium looks to invigorate communities and children by helping them explore their identities and expressing their ideas so they become empowered through education to create a long-lasting change for themselves and others.



Humanity Auxilium serves people by providing care at the time of medical need and dealing with poverty-related issues like malnutrition, increasing overall health, and productivity of impoverished communities.



 Humanity Auxilium aims to address the immediate and long-term needs of communities all around the globe through partner organizations and local communities. Our goal is to strengthen these communities and permit self-sufficiency. 



COVID-19 Relief Outreach

In the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, now more than ever before, we need empathy and compassion. This is why at Humanity Auxilium, we’ve launched Outreach Teams in partnership with Bangladesh Health Sector and the Turkish Red Crescent in the Rohingya Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.Our teams on the ground consist of community health workers, nurses and physicians who assess the Rohingya population in their own shelter and provide medication and sanitation kits to those who are suspected of having COVID-19.


Gift of a Lifetime

Humanity Auxilium is partnering with Education Development And Services (EDAS) to help nearly 500 orphans in Bangladesh attend a Life Skills Camp — which is an opportunity of a lifetime for these children. During their time in this camp, orphans aged six to 18 will take part in inspirational lectures, intensive workshops, embark on educational trips and immersions, along with games and outdoor activities. These orphans, many who have not been to the city, will also receive daily essentials, such as food, accommodations, education, clothing, and medical care.


Pen & Paper

Our educational aid arm is called the Pen & Paper Foundation, which helps utilize the power of education to inspire change. It is headed by a group of young individuals who are passionate about helping fellow students. It’s an initiative by the kids, for the kids.


Iman Hospital

The Iman Hospital is a nonprofit maternity hospital that finished its construction phase and began operating at the beginning 2018. This hospital serves the rural area of Talagang in Pakistan and continues to serve those in need of medical attention.


Rohingya Medical Camps

Humanity Auxilium is heavily invested in helping Rohingya, who live in harsh conditions in Bangladesh refugee camps, to access medical attention to address their needs.