You can take action right now to help save countless lives! The Rohingya living in Bangladesh’s refugee camps desperately need our aid as the COVID-19 crisis worsens around the world.
The camps are far more vulnerable than other places that have been hard-hit by COVID-19 due to the lack of basic necessities, medical aid, and access to information. Soon the refugees will not have enough food and clean water which will affect the lives of over a million people.
Additionally, since September of last year, Bangladesh’s government has severely limited internet access at the camp over security concerns. As a result, Rohingyas have little to no information about the virus and cannot take basic measures to protect themselves. This means they cannot seek quick medical help if needed. Furthermore, the lack of adequate internet also jeopardizes the lives of community health workers because they cannot make necessary changes during this evolving pandemic.
Rohingyas have already been suffering for over two years, and are relying on us for our support. Your donations will provide life-saving supplies to the refugees as well as the health workers including masks, medicines, training to local doctors, social workers and teachers in order to prevent rapid spread.
Rohingyas and the community health workers deserve our compassion, especially as the holy month of Ramadan approaches. Please find it in your hearts to be generous and give what you can. It is in these difficult times where it is most important for us to unite and show our humanity in order to support people in need.
We’re going to distribute Ramadan baskets in partnership with Turkish Red Crescent(Kizilay) on the ground. These baskets will contain dry foods which will help Rohingya refugees to go through Ramadan. Please donate on our website Humanityauxilium.com and donate under Rohingya for Ramadan food drive. People will get tax receipts in US and Canada.

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