Here at Humanity Auxilium, our team has provided relief in conjunction with various international partners. This arm of our support efforts is another reiteration of our mission of providing support where and when it’s needed and making as much of an impact as we possibly can.


Over one million Rohingya have fled violence in Myanmar since the 1990s. In Myanmar, the Rohingya escaped military attacks, “where the country’s armed forces were burning Rohingya villages, killing members of the communities and raping women and children.” Coined by the United Nations Refugee Agency as “single biggest stateless community in the world,”these people need our continued support. Many Rohingya refugees live in refugee camps in Bangladesh, including the 600,000 refugees living in the world’s largest refugee camp — Kutupalong in Bangladesh. 

In these camps, there are concerns regarding the lack of adequate shelter, water and sanitation. As well, there are serious concerns about safety, including access to basic services and general protection considerations, such as safety for women and girls — especially because over 40 percent of these refugees are under the age of 12. 

Our team at Humanity Auxilium is working hard to support these refugees. There are many poor conditions in these camps and we need to do better in supporting our fellow human beings. In order to do this, we need your continued support.