Volunteering Opportunity



We are witnessing some of the worse atrocities against our fellow human beings in the history of mankind on the basis of race, religion and to some extent gender. Migration of refugees is at its highest peak. Refugees are risking their lives to cross borders with their most precious possession- their children for a chance to survive. After witnessing death of loved ones, enduring sexual abuse and leaving behind everything they ever knew, these people want safety. Unfortunately, thousands of refugees are in limbo in refugee camps in dire conditions. It is a daily challenge to access clean water, food and medical care. Our team of medical volunteers provide exceptional medical care: they strive to make the refugees feel that they have not been forgotten and their lives are also  precious.

Our motto is to treat with compassion and empathy and to spread awareness against injustice. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you ever thought of volunteering but didn’t know how and whether it would
make a difference then this is your chance. Even a kind word makes a  difference to the orphan who has lost his or her entire family. You can make a world of a difference and provide peace and tranquility in a world of chaos to perhaps a group or even one individual as the work does not end at the camps.

Our volunteers advocate for the refugees across borders. The volunteers acquire valuable life altering experience during their stay which gives them the
opportunity to view life with a different lens. We are recruiting physicians, nurses, mental health professionals to go to the Rohingya camps for the following periods.

  • November 18 th to 29 th , 2019
  • Dec 2 nd to 13 th , 2019
  • Dec 16 th to 27 th , 2019
  • Dec 30 th to Jan 10 th , 2020

Please consult the FAQs for any question and fill out the volunteer form online. Once the volunteers are approved, they will receive an information package via email which will contain useful information about the details of the mission.